Albon Engineering and Manufacturing Facility


Located on 15 acres in the NEDC Business Park in Norman, Oklahoma, this 212,000 SF facilty incoporates both manufacturing space and office and employee areas.

Albon Engineering and Manufacturing produces connector rods for diesel engines, ranging in size from small rods for cars (i.e. Volvo) to very large rods for machinery (i.e. Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Cummins Engines). Using robotics technology, the 192,000 SF manufacturing facility takes blanks manufactured by Krups through the system, each line producing a particular sized rod. At the end of the line, the rods are moved to the shipping and receiving area where they are prepared for transport.

Serving as the U.S. Headquarters, the Albon facility includes a 20,000 SF, two-story office building with areas for engineering design, testing laboratories, offices, and conference rooms. A separate employees area located on the south side of the manufacturing facility houses men's and women's locker and shower rooms, a large break room, and a full-service dining hall and cafeteria and serves as an entrance for employees of the plant.