National Capital Regional Readiness Complex


During the week of 20 Sep 2004, seven different sub area plan concepts were developed by Blair Remy at Andrews Air Force Base. By mid-week two schemes emerged as best meeting criteria established during the charrette. The schemes were labeled “Study 1” and “Study 2,” and were revised for presentation at the outbrief. Following the presentation and discussion at the outbrief, “Study 1” incorporated into images, herein, was selected by the Wing commander as the direction for the National Capital Region Readiness Complex (NCRRC).

The outcome of the NCRRC Area (Sub-Area Plan) charrette accomplished by Blair Remy for URS at Andrews AFB set the direction for planning and design of the NCRRC. Facilities included in the planning process are the Strategic Planning and Development Facility, a three-story Visitors Quarters, Collocated Club, a Physical Fitness Center, and a Relocation Administration Facility. The NCRRC will be the result of a common design theme and character as it enhances compatibility within the community of buildings of similar form, style, material and details. Because of its capacity to handle large groups, the complex will consolidate into one venue in which to hold sensitive classified briefings, conferences, and events. A courtyard is envisioned for the entire complex, formed by the linking of facilities and walkways, to control vistas and to provide year-round access for the public to ancillary facilities for education and recreation.

Design and construction of the proposed buildings will require compliance with applicable sections of the Maryland Stormwater Management Guidelines for State and Federal Projects. A comprehensive stormwater management plan will enable common stormwater management requirements to be addressed at fewer, shared Best Management Practices (BMP’s), and will prevent the construction of BMP’S now that would have adverse impact on future development.